Happy Birthday Jahan!!

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26 baby!!!!!!!!

J, let me be the first to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the whole entire krew because so many wonderful and sweet people are wishing you a beautiful day. So I hope you feel the love from each and every single one of us. And not even just today on your birthday, but every day, you are appreciated, loved, & respected by all of us.

But onto just me, I want you to know that not at a day goes by that I don’t stop & think about our journey together. Take a moment to be grateful that I have someone in my personal AND business life that loves me unconditionally, will never give up on me, and never ever leave me under any circumstances. It’s not only because we are sisters, but because you are the most dedicated, loyal, and determined person I know. I still remember the day you & Kris asked me to come help on a track you guys were messing around with. I was a 15 years old and looked up to you so much, J. “Krewella” had been your guys’ pet project for a few months and I was so honored that you were bringing me into something that really mattered to you. I’ll never forget starting to write songs with you, spending hours at Krew bootcamp while Nathan kicked our asses, sitting in the living room of our loft in Chicago tirelessly teaching ourselves how to DJ on our secondhand APC40. I’ll never forget these things because it was YOU and only you by my side. Other people have come and gone but you were the one who kept pushing me to be better without ever making me feel like shit about myself. And even though it’s not important to you and your pride would never get the best of you, I want you to know that Krewella wouldn’t be what it is today without you. You and your fucking crazy creative brain, Jahan. Nothing inspires me more—to be a better artist and to want to change the world with you.

This past year has been the most challenging year of our lives. But you know what? I didn’t see you break down or complain ONCE. Not even once. And in my darkest times, you held it together for the both of us. So from the bottom of my heart and from everyone who listens to our music / comes to our shows / supports us, thank you, because you have helped keep this ship sailing. Thank you for being my rock. Thanks for smiling through the bullshit and keeping me laughing. Thanks for inspiring me to take the awful and unfair things that happen in life and flip them 180 to find the good in them.


Yazzy 🙂